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At H2A our goal is to find a seamless solution which is tailored to meet our client’s expectations.  By developing an associate model, we ensure our client’s requirements are delivered via one single commissioned source, which adds the necessary capability and capacity to their often-stretched internal resources.  Unlike similar companies, we spend time with our clients to ascertain their specific needs and design a tailored solution with our associates to ensure successful delivery.  We offer a flexible, quality service across a range of sectors, with particular expertise in the public and housing sector. We have a number of years’ experience in the field of patient and public engagement within the public sector. We are fully conversant with National Policy, best practice guidance and legal duties in relation to patient and public engagement and the Equalities Act 2010.

We have a proven track record of successful delivery, within budget and time-frame.  We are happy to consider ourselves as disruptive innovators who have a particular interest in challenging the status quo.  Change is a constant and the public and housing sectors are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale, it is no longer feasible to stand still.  At H2A we will work with you on your transformational journey.  Often innovative, never dull.


Patient and public engagement





Case Studies


To ensure the successful undertaking of an engagement exercise with the patient population of a GP practice in Maghull.  NHS England commissioners had little option but to relocate patients to new premises as a result of the current premise owners requiring the building back for their own use.  A full engagement exercise was carried out on behalf of NHSE commissioners ensuring full compliance to all statutory duties and minimising any risk of reputational damage.


  • All patients were engaged directly by postal communication.
  • A variety of feedback mechanisms were established and managed during the process.
  • A full summary report of findings was presented to NHSE commissioners with suggested recommendations and next steps.
  • Patients due to move in November 2016.


To offer a highly professional, responsive and flexible service with integrity, transparency and reliability. And to work with community partnerships to create disruptive innovations and positive interventions to inspire women and girls of all ages to work to close the gender gap.


At H2A we provide a solution focussed approach to transformational change delivered with integrity, transparency and reliability.  We offer a valued service in patient and public engagement, citizen empowerment, campaign development and management, all aspects of communications and disruptive organisational development.

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