At H2A Partnership Ltd we deliver work through an associate model. Our associates are experts in their chosen field and through developing an associate model, all our client’s needs are delivered via one single commissioned source. This supports the often-stretched internal resources, with additional capability and capacity. We design a tailored solution and bespoke service package for our client’s requirements with our associates to ensure successful delivery.





At H2A we believe we have a moral responsibility to give back to our community, and we have chosen to do that by working in partnership with a number of local organisations to inspire women and girls of all ages to nurture their networks and campaign for equality in the workplace. We currently work with a number of organisations to support women in tech. With only 17% of positions in tech taken by women, and then 45% of those leave mid-career, and 80% of apps being built by men, we work to create disruptive innovations and positive interventions which challenge the status quo.



The Experts by Experience

Here at H2A we work with Experts by Experience regularly. An expert by experience is identified as individuals or carer who have the confidence, skill, knowledge and information to self-manage their own or another’s chronic or long term health conditions. Our expert by experience ambassadors are individuals we are proud to work with and promote their inspirational work giving back to the community.


At H2A we provide a solution focussed approach to transformational change delivered with integrity, transparency and reliability.  We offer a valued service in patient and public engagement, citizen empowerment, campaign development and management, all aspects of communications and disruptive organisational development.

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